TR7 how Fast / Thirsty?

Data on how fast and thirsty the TR7 is in the main not very reliable, so I have attempted to show here the most reliable figures quoted by Triumph.

The MPG tables below come from figures shown in the TR7 sales brochures.


How fast does the TR7 go?

105 bhp at 5500K – Top speed 114 MPH – 0 – 60 in 9.5 seconds

Many TR7’s have been heavily modified so the easiest way to work potential speeds out is to show the maximum speed possible per 1000 revs in 5th gear as in the table below (subject to power delivered by the actual engine). If the TR7 has been modified to V8 then check out the TR8 page

TR7 Up to Vin 402026    
Miles 5th Gear Revs K Speed MPH
26.3 1 26.3
  2 53.6
  3 78.9
  4 105.2
  5 131.5
  6 157.8

Generally 114 mph with a 0-60 of 9.5 was the fastest I’ve seen quoted for a TR7 DHC. Earlier FHC TR7s with a 4 speed had a faster 0-60 but a lower top speed, and a TR7 SPRINT (16 Valve) would be around 120 mph with a 0-60 of around 8.5.

The fuel injection (Efi) TR7 produced towards the very end of production would have been slightly quicker than the standard TR7 with much better fuel economy.

Very late TR7 Efi – SATPV4189BA408496 – LOC606X (PED car)