Video – TR7 Launch 1975 USA.

TR7 Launch 1975 in the USA

TR7 Launch 1975

Because of proposed US legislation on roll-over protection at the time of its launch the TR7 was not available as a convertible initially. The convertible didn’t arrive until early 1979 some four years later. The TR7 convertible version first went on sale in the US with the UK having to wait until later in the year/early 1980. A handful of pre-production cars were manufactured at Speke in 1978 (ACT Chassis number cars – see chassis numbers). The early versions of the convertible were literally hand built conversions (much of this was done by management due to industrial action at Speake – some were finished off at Canley when production moved due to the strikes) from FHC’s off the line, some of which were fitted with V8’s and became the first TR8 convertibles.