Welcome to the World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club we look after the TR7 (2.0 and 2.0 16 Valve) and the TR8 (V8 3.5) that TRIUMPH produced from 1975 through to 1981

World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club

We have information on almost everything to do with the TR7 & TR8 from early factory and rally TR7V8 documents to how to fix almost anything! We also are very proud of the most comprehensive collection of video footage of these cars you will find anywhere. We also have a sister site specialising in the genuine factory Triumph TR8 here Triumph TR8

The club was started in 1999

Given the ever decreasing numbers of the TR7 TR8 the club was started in 1999 with a view to maintaining contact between members across the internet given actual driving distances between owners are now growing to unpractical distances for a casual get together on an evening, particularly in the USA and Canada where 95% of these cars were sold. Even In the UK there are fewer surviving TR7’s & TR8’s each month. Some owners aren’t into the traditional club and don’t want that level of interaction and thus would prefer to have access to the information without getting involved. So it works really well for them allowing them to have little or no interaction as suits their requirements best


It’s never going to be possible to check everything on these cars as so much has been lost to time. This is further confused by quite a few owners reinventing history’s to suit them selves, and in some cases even swapping identity’s as well, with a car imported back. Golden rule always check the engine number on the block as this is the hardest to hide and or fake well. A chassis plate is so very easy to replace. I never add information particularly about cars, unless I or someone I trust, has seen the car and chassis plate. Until then that information is regarded as interesting only. The factory themselves converted many cars to RHD yet those cars still have LHD chassis numbers on them. For many of those cars, the history is well known and has been for many years, but there will still be some that aren’t, possibly in collections and hidden away.

However with checking and re-checking on the cars themselves, previous owners, dealer documents, as well as remaining supporting documentation at Gaydon and other similar establishments it should be possible to make things a lot more accurate than they are at present. For this reason alone this web site will always remain a constant work in progress for ever more. At least a web site can be updated as new information comes to light, or old information thought correct, is disproved, unfortunately a book can all too often, set those errors in stone!

Information to share with other enthusiasts?

If you worked for BL/Triumph/Lucas etc or are an enthusiast and just happen to have information you are happy to share, please contact me Richard@tr7tr8.com and I would be delighted to speak to you. Many people are very happy to just take what ever information they want from the internet; without ever putting anything back. So anyone who supplies information that helps the site to tell the story correctly and truthfully, is most welcome to gratis access to the full site as a way of thanks. Confidentially guaranteed. 

This web site works on any device large or small

This TR7 TR8 web site is designed to work on any internet device you have, mobile phones, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV etc and so you can have the information to hand where ever you are! Sadly the classic car arena is littered with poorly constructed websites that have been left in the same state for many years. A modern information orientated world needs modern adaptable web sites that work at the touch of a mouse or finger. All our databases are fully searchable as are our parts micro fiche data bases but as you don’t normally know the part number they are searchable under common names such as dashboard to fins a speedo number etc. We have more TR7 TR8 manuals, instruction books, than any where. Most TR7 TR8 information is available for download in pdf format. We also put out a pdf magazine to members a couple of times a year. This site is one of the very best TR7 TR8 web sites you will ever see!

View sample pages here:

TR7 Chassis No’s and what they mean

Video sample – TR7 Launch 1975 USA

TR8 EFi system and part numbers


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World Wide TR7 TR8 Owners Club