TR8 Parts – Hard to find

Parts in particular for the TR8 and to a lesser extent the TR7 are getting harder to find if indeed you can actually find one. To that end the club has started getting things like Gaskets remade and things like TR8 Brake servos reconditioned so we can offer an outright sale or an exchange sale. As we add other parts they will appear on this page over time.

Sadly, the reality now is that to get some of the very specific genuine TR8 parts, “a TR8 has to die first” 

If there is something you need but cant find email us we may be able to help. If you have some hard-to-find parts you are very welcome to advertise them here at no cost. Just email me with a picture, price you want and contact details for people to contact you directly.


TR8 Parts – GASKET SET TR8 CARB – £20

This set includes all the gaskets for the Stromberg carb setup. The Gaskets have been produced from ones taken from a 1980 TR8 that has spent the last 40 years in a collection so we know these are correct and not as many others do, just something that will do!

ERC2063 ERR4381 610327

Instead of offering as individual gaskets as more often than not when you need one gasket, you need them all, they are all here in one complete set, to save you going to multiple sites and making multiple orders. Available at £20 per set. Post and packing are extra.


TR8 Parts – Master Servo/booster – £650 

AAU7925 – Servo TR8

Trouble with parts for the TR8 is that nearly all the 8’s went to the USA or Canada as a result that’s where the spares went and also the best place to find second-hand parts. In the UK and across Europe NOS is long since gone, and with an estimated total of factory TR8’s being less than 200, second-hand parts are also almost impossible to find.

So, if you live in the USA or Canada no problem you still have parts!

If you live in the UK or Europe, then that now makes genuine parts very expensive for your TR8!

Why? Example TR8 SERVO

Cost to buy second hand from the USA around $200/250

Cost to ship to the UK / Europe around $120

Even though we shipped them out we have to pay TAX on them if we re-import – around £60

Then because putting second hand parts on with 40-year-old rubber isn’t sensible, reconditioning back to NEW comes in at between £250/300 depending on its condition. You could do it yourself but why risk it, let someone else have to replace it if it’s wrong.

Total cost is around £650 which is the price for this one!


TR8 Parts – Carb Airboxes set – £275

ERC2066 ERC2065 ERC2065A

Reconditioned and powder coated are available at £275 a pair. Post and packing are extra. This service is really ONLY for UK or EU TR8 Owners. Where they are very hard to find in decent condition if at all!


TR8 Parts – Carb Stromberg – available from £150 Each

Various NOS 175 CD Stromberg’s available from £150 Each. Some complete some missing the odd bit. Post and packing are extra.


7/8 Parts – GREY DASH ASSEMBLY – £110 all you see



RHD Dash assembly very good condition all lugs etc in place. £110 all you see. Post and packing are extra.


TR8 Parts – Blue Velour – NOS RHS – £295 SOLD


RHS NOS – £295. Post and packing are extra.


TR8 Parts – Blue Velour – LHS & RHS. – £360 the pair SOLD


Good condition second hand. £360 the pair. Post and packing are extra.


TR8 Parts – Blue Velour – SQUAB x 2 BACK X 2 as NEW – £900 SOLD

Made by Callow & Maddox in January 1990. Two seat squabs and two backs. Never fitted

Copy of original Callow and Maddox Purchase Invoice is also available.

One of the seat squabs has suffered minor damage during storage. See SECOND photo.

Located in UK £900.00. Post & packing are extra.

Please contact Geoff Maggs via for further information


TR8 Parts – Blue Velour – SQUAB – £50 SOLD



Fair condition (faded) second hand. £50. Post and packing are extra.


7/8 Parts – Grey Stripe – SQUAB – £150



Good condition (light area is thin but then it was originally) second hand. £150. Post and packing are extra.


7/8 Parts – ORIGINAL HOOD COVER – BLACK – £145



Really good condition (no rips or damage and poppers still original) second hand. £145. Post and packing are extra.



More items will be arriving soon. Email us for further details if you need something urgently.