TR8 Documents

Because Triumph don’t seem to have been consistent in the documents supplied with each car this page is dedicated to the various documents that could / did come with the TR8 range. If you have documents not shown here I’d be grateful if you could please email me a scan’d or photographed copy for inclusion.

TR8 Sales brochure EARLY

TR8 Sales brochure LATE

TR8 consumer stopping distance information AKM 4336 (1981)

TR8 consumer EPA and price guide (1981)

TR8 consumer EPA and price guide (1980)

TR8 emissions guide AKM 4781/81 (1981)

TR8 Fuel Injection Guide AKM 8070/80 U.S.A. (1980)

TR8 “Tax Free” service guide (1981)

TR8 manual AKM 4779 (1981)

TR8 manual AKM4335 (1980)

TR8 manual ? (1978)

Workshop Manual AKM3971

Workshop Manual 1978 – TR7 Manual also required.

Parts Book 1977 onwards

Parts Book 1979 onwards required for convertible

JRT Parts Book 1981