TR7 Values

JULY 2019 Because it’s hard to value a TR7 I have given below values/prices based on what I and other enthusiasts have paid for these cars not always what the cars were advertised at. At the end of the day if you want the car and feel the value is acceptable to you, buy it! Prices as of 2019 are steadily rising with FHC in particular starting to catch up to DHC’s. At the end of the day a car is only worth what someone will pay for it no matter the price its advertised for. One reason for prices rising is the cost to repair one. Doesn’t matter if you buy a tatty DHC at £1000 unless you do all the work yourself its going to cost around £15k to £20k just for the body work! Owners who think raising the values of these cars raises the price of spares, please think again. If you have a car for example valued at £5k and its in a crash, it will because of body work costs almost certainly be written off. Chances are the value of a similar car will have risen (because you will have added new items and work along the way that you aren’t accounting for) so you won’t be able to replace your car with one to the same standard. You will end up having to buy a cheaper one which you’ll then have to pay more money to get it like the original one. This is what happens when people constantly devalue the TR7 on the various forums etc. Most TR8 owners value their cars and as a result they are valued considerably higher to the point that their insurance company’s will most likely be paying for repairs not a write off!!!

Prices are $/£ given the exchange rate and shipping costs makes them pretty much the same either side of the pond currently.

Condition FHC DHC FHC V8 DHC V8
Poor Condition 250 450 450 650
Poor body Running 850 950 1.5K 2K
Good body  Interior 3K 4.5K 4K 5.5K
Very good Body Interior 7.5K 8K 8.5K 9.5K
Restored to New 10K 12K 11K 13K
Show TR7 Better Than new 14K


15K 17K
Good Original No Reg Low Miles Never Restored 17K





TR7 SPRINT’s would be expected to have a premium over the best TR7 DHC V8 so expect a very good condition one to be around £15k to £20k for a mint one!

USA Values are pretty much the same at todays exchange rate from a numbers point of view, if you factor in the additional shipping and tax for the UK price then the numbers will be close to the same even if the real values on exchange rate are not. Better quality TR7’s would probably fetch slightly less in the US than the UK.


Feel these values are too low or too high? let me know why and I’ll consider revising them – just bought or sold a car? let me know how much for and I’ll build it into the table above.