Total TR7’s Built

Production Figures for the TR7

Production figures for TR7’s have been debated for years and years – even factory figures vary – the figures I have given below are those that I believe to be the most accurate. As I complete my work on documenting the build records for these cars I will amend the figures below to reflect the real quantities built.

Year Description Factory Quantity
1975 FHC TR7’s Speke 15401
1976 FHC TR7’s Speke 32743
1977 FHC TR7’s Speke 22936
1978 FHC TR7’s Canley 6792 ***
1979 FHC TR7’s Canley 16452
1980 FHC TR7’s Canley 1262
1980 DHC TR7’s Canley 9936
1981 FHC TR7’s Solihull 1455
1981 DHC TR7’s Solihull 3202

Production of TR7’s started at Speke (Liverpool) in 1975 – production was switched to Canley (Midlands) in 1978 due to labour problems. Canley production started in 1978 and was moved to Solihull in 1980 until production finished in October 1981.

*** Includes approximately 10 hand built DHC TR7’s (ACT)

Total Production approximately 110,179 TR7’s

The last TR7 by chassis number was 408534 this was built on the 26th of October 1981