Lost TR8’s

From time to time loss of interest / other financial commitments often mean we sell our cherished TR8’s – later when things get better or we realise just how much we miss the car we often try to find it again. If you sold a TR8 you’d like to find again drop me a line with a picture and as much information as you have and perhaps someone may be able to help.

I am looking for my old TR8. . . it was a California car, sold to “Eightparts” in Arizona, lic no “FLYNNTP” please contact David – Email nrdd@wans.net if you can help him.

Hi there, my dad bought his 1980 TR8 brand new from a Chicago land dealership. His name is Laszlo Vida and is a dentist if it matters. (might help buyer remember?) Anyway I cant find any numbers on it but I’ll give you all the details we know. It was Dark Green with Tan plaid interior. It has a soft top and hard top, and My father ordered it new with front and rear spoilers. He kept the car until 1985, when I was born and he was forced to sell it. Now that I am almost 18 and very into cars we were hoping we could buy back/restore or at least know whatever happened to my father’s favourite car. At one time the car was involved in a wreck in the right front that almost totalled it, if that helps at all. Thank You very much for help. Here is the only picture I have of the car, this is right after it was bought, before my father put on the spoilers. The license plate 90% sure was LAC 91. Please contact Steve – Email SteverinoTheGr8@aol.com

Richard…any chance you could appeal for info on lost/found page about my car WAC275S …BL development car for 4 years and then owned by MD of BL’s Borough Garage (Oldham) for 7 years…my e-mail is croydebay@aol.com thanks…Steve Also…where are my other TR7/8’s??? Bought in 1981 TR7 coupe WTA625S. Bought in 1983 TR7 DHC GVP610W (TR Cup winner 1994) and TR7V8 KHP543V bought around 1986…sold 1990. thanks…Steve