Door Panel

Very late Velour Door Trim

The very very last 1981 (includes some 82 model year cars) TR8’s and TR7’s (last 30ish) had horizontal stripes in the door trim instead of the vertical ones seen on earlier cars. So far I have only been able to find examples of blue velour with this oddity so if you know of a tan velour door panel with horizontal stripes please let me know.

Example of more common vertical velour stripes

Example of the rare horizontal velour stripes

WHY? not known, possible reason may have been the 82 intended model change but as that never happened they were used up. Or possibly a mistake in manufacturing that was used up at the end when parts were scarce. I have only seen this on 82 model Canadian TR8’s and the very last TR8’s built. The very last TR8 has this door trim.