Hard to find Parts

Parts in particular for the TR8 and to a lesser extent the TR7 are getting harder to find if indeed you can actually find one. To that end the club has started getting things like Gaskets remade and things like TR8 Brake servos reconditioned so we can offer an outright sale or an exchange sale. As we add other parts they will appear on this page over time. If there is something you need but cant find email us we may be able to help.



This set includes all the gaskets for the Stromberg carb setup. The Gaskets have been produced from ones taken from a 1980 TR8 that has spent the last 40 years in a collection so we know these are correct and not as many others do, just something that will do!

Original ERC20638 taken from 1980 TR8

Instead of offering as individual gaskets as more often that not when you need one gasket, you need them all, they are all here in one complete set, to save you going to multiple sites and making multiple orders. COMING SOON!!!


TR8 Master Servo/booster

AAU7925 – Servo TR8

In the USA its much easier to do an exchange, however in the UK that cant be easily done and sending them to the USA adds considerable costs making it unviable. So this service is really for UK or EU TR8 Owners, These will be available as outright purchase or exchange. COMING SOON!!!


More items will be arriving soon. Email us for further details if you need something urgently.